Jaime E. Forero-Romero


Assistant Professor
Departamento de Física

Calle 18A # 1 - 10
Bloque Ip, Of. 208
Universidad de los Andes
AA 4976, Bogotá, Colombia

je.forero [at] uniandes [dot] edu.co


I am an astrophysicist doing theoretical research on three aspects of galaxy formation and evolution:
  • What physical processes did shape the youngest galaxy generations? The observational properties of distant galaxy populations will be thoroughly explored in the up-coming decade. I develop models, mostly based on hydrodynamical simulations, that are useful for the interpretation of recent and future observations of such galaxies.

  • How did the Milky Way form? Understanding the formation of our own Galaxy will influence the development of different topics, including experiments aiming at detecting the dark matter particle. I take part in the CLUES collaboration building models of the Milky Way assembly.

  • What is the impact of the cosmic web on the formation and evolution of galaxies? The 3D spatial distribution of galaxies form a distinctive pattern known as cosmic web. I implement algorithms that describe this filamentary network and help me track the different processes shaping galaxy evolution depending on the location of these galaxies inside the web. I develop this work in collaboration with researchers in the Bolshoi Project and MultiDark Consortium.

Refereed Publications

  • [14] The kinematics of the Local Group in a cosmological context,
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  • [1] LeMoMaF: Lensed Mock Map Facility,
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Outside astrophysics

  • [1] Visualising Matter and Cosmologies: A Transhistorical Example,
    Ayala, L. Forero-Romero J.E., Column 7, New Imaging: Transdisciplinary strategies for art beyond the new media, ed. by Su Baker, Melanie Oliver and Paul Thomas (2011).