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This group is part of the research group GIAP at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and the Center for Artificial Intelligence Research and Education CINFONIA, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia. Our research interests are focused on theoretical and applied developments in machine learning and dynamical systems.




Luis Felipe Giraldo Trujillo

lf.giraldo404 [at] uniandes [dot] edu [dot] co



What’s New?




PhD student Alvaro Andrés Jiménez was awarded the Bicentenario scholarship by Colciencias for PhD studies at Uniandes.


Prof. LF Giraldo was awarded a grant from University of los Andes to fund a research project that involves the development of low-cost water quality sensing devices for inland artisanal fish production. 



Andrés Felipe Zambrano won second place in the Otto de Greiff Awards with his project ‘Solar Irradiance Forecasting Models without On-Site Training Measurements’ under the supervision of prof. LF Giraldo. This award is given to the best research projects conducted by undergraduate students in Colombia.


Again, prof. LF Giraldo was awarded a grant from Google to fund the research project Models of Financial Cooperation in Underprivileged Communities using Reinforcement Learning.


Prof. LF Giraldo, in cooperation with researchers from Unibagué, was awarded a grant from Universidad de los Andes and Universidad de Ibagué to fund the research project Implementation and Evaluation of Informal Financial Cooperation Strategies in Communities in the region of Tolima.


PhD student Gabriel Narváez was awarded the CEIBA Foundation scholarship for PhD studies at Uniandes.


Prof. LF Giraldo, in cooperation with researchers from Corhuila, was awarded a grant from Colciencias to fund the research project Modeling and characterization of inland artisanal fish production processes in rural areas in Colombia for efficient and sustainable management of natural resources.




We list some projects and opportunities for students at undergraduate, master, and PhD levels to conduct relevant research. If you are interested in getting involved in any of these projects or want to propose new ones, please, feel free to contact us at lf.giraldo404[at]uniandes[dot]edu[dot]co .


We gratefully acknowledge ongoing and past financial support from:





Machine Learning in Smart Cities


Based on concepts in multivariate statistical analysis and optimization, we develop machine learning and pattern recognition techniques to process and analyze information from different sources that lead to “intelligent” decision making. Ongoing applications include:


·       Photovoltaic power systems

·       Agriculture and pisciculture

·       Water and air pollution analysis

·       Nanotechnology and material design

·       Crime dynamics

·       Automatic sentiment and stress recognition and analysis

·       Distributed and secure learning of pattern recognition systems

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Design of Cooperation Networks in Multi Agent Systems


There are many complex processes whose behavior can be modeled and analyzed as the result of the interaction of simpler interconnected dynamical systems. Examples include power systems, cooperative autonomous vehicles, distributed optimization, and human communities. We develop mathematical and computational tools for the design and control of such interactions, considering aspects such as stability, structured sparsity, resiliency, and data-driven inference.





Luis Felipe Giraldo Trujillo

Assistant Professor

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Universidad de los Andes, Colombia

Curriculum Vitae - Colciencias


Email: lf.giraldo404[at]uniandes[dot]edu[dot]co



Graduate students and researchers

Gabriel Narvaez (PhD student)

Andrés Jiménez (PhD student)

Daniel Medina (PhD Student)


Jesús Gabriel Angel (MSc student)

Abel Felipe Zambrano (MSc student)

Juan David Medina (MSc student)

Jonathan Roncancio (MSc student)

Camilo Andrés Guillén (MSc student)

Nicolás López (MSc student)

Rubén Darío Castillo (MSc student)

Alejandro Arias (MSc student)


Gilberto José Díaz (Researcher)

Andrés Felipe Zambrano (Researcher)


Undergraduate students

María Alejandra Escalante

Juan Camilo Castiblanco

Nicolás Vergara

Andrés Felipe Flórez

Paulina Michelle Acosta

Juan Felipe Cabrera



Past graduate students

Catalina Albornoz (Now Energy Efficiency Studies Coordinator at GreenYellow, Colombia)

Gabriel Narvaez (Now PhD student at Uniandes, Colombia)

Alvaro Javier Florez (Now PhD student at KU Leuven, Belgium)

María Angélica Arroyo (Now at Lockheed Martin, USA)

Gilberto José Díaz (Now researcher at Uniandes, Colombia)

Andrés Felipe Zambrano (Now researcher at Uniandes, Colombia)







Anonymous comments and ratings by the students on these courses and the instructor can be seen at .



Graduate courses


IELE 4010 Stochastic Processes (blended course). [syllabus]


IELE 4011 Optimization. [syllabus]


IELE 4017 Intelligent Analysis of Signals and Systems. [syllabus]


IELE 4330 Summer school 2020: Optimal Control and Design of Wearable Robots (with Edgar Bolivar, University of Michigan, USA). [syllabus] [Course webpage]


IELE 4901 Summer school 2019:  Learning Machine Learning. (with Joshua Bloom, University of California at Berkeley).


IELE 4323 Summer school 2017: Introduction to Linear and Nonlinear Parameter Estimation (with Alain Vande Wouwer, University of Mons, Belgium).





Undergraduate courses


IELE 1502 Dynamical Systems


IELE 3006 Optimization [syllabus]


IELE 2500 Signals and Systems. [syllabus]


IELE 3330 Projects in Control Systems (Taller de Control) [syllabus].






(Complete list at Google Scholar, preprints freely available at Researchgate.)



Recent conference and preprint publications


·       MA Arroyo and LF Giraldo. Data-driven Outer-Loop Control Using Deep Reinforcement Learning for Trajectory Tracking. arXiv preprint, 2020.


·       D Gomez, N Quijano, LF Giraldo. Concept Learning in Deep Reinforcement Learning. arXiv preprint, 2020.


·       AJ Florez, LF Giraldo. Model Predictive Control and Structural Sparsity. In IEEE Colombian Conference on Automatic Control, Colombia, 2019.


·       CD López, LF Giraldo. Optimization of Energy and Water Consumption on Crop Irrigation using UAVs via Path Design. In IEEE Colombian Conference on Automatic Control, Colombia, 2019.


·       G Díaz-García, L Burbano, N Quijano, LF Giraldo. Distributed MPC and Potential Game Controller for Consensus in Multiple Differential-Drive Robots. In IEEE Colombian Conference on Automatic Control, Colombia, 2019.



Book chapters


·       JD Clapp, KM Passino, LF Giraldo, D Ruderman. Developing a Collaborative Systems Dynamics Model of Drinking Events: Finding a Common Language. Book chapter in Innovations in Collaborative Modeling, Michigan State University Press. June 2020.



Journal publications


·       AF Zambrano, G Díaz, S Ramirez, LF Giraldo, H Gonzalez-Villasanti, MT Perdomo, ID Hernández, JM Godoy. Donation Networks in Underprivileged Communities. IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems. In Press.


·       JF Gaviria, A Escalante-Perez, JC Castiblanco, N Vergara, V Parra-Garces, JD Serrano, AF Zambrano, LF Giraldo. Deep Learning-based portable Device for Audio Distress Signal Recognition in Urban Areas. Applied Sciences: Intelligent Speech and Acoustic Signal Processing.  Vol. 10, Issue 21, pp 1-12, 2020.  


·       JP Martínez, D Ochoa, N Quijano, LF Giraldo. A Multi-Critic Reinforcement Learning Method: An Application to Multi-Tank Water Systems. IEEE Access, Vol. 8, pp 173227-173238, 2020.


·       A Rico, M Bressan, LF Giraldo. Failure Signature Classification in Solar Photovoltaic Plants using RGB images and Convolutional Neural Networks. Renewable Energy. Vol. 162, pp 249-256, 2020.


·       AF Zambrano, LF Giraldo. Solar Irradiance Forecasting Models without On-Site Training Measurements. Renewable Energy, Vol. 152, pp 557-566, 2020.


·       AJ Florez, LF Giraldo. Structural Sparsity in Networked Control Systems. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems, 2018.


·       JD Clapp, D Ruderman, H Gonzalez, LF Giraldo, KM Passino, M. Reed, I Fernandes. A System Dynamics Model of Drinking Events: Multi-Level Ecological Approach. Systems Research and Behavioral Science, Vol. 35, Issue 3, pp 265-281, 2018.


·       H Gonzalez, LF Giraldo, KM Passino. Feedback Control Engineering for Cooperative Community Development.  IEEE Control Systems Magazine. Vol. 38, Issue 3, pp 87-101, 2018.


·       LF Giraldo, KM Passino, JD Clapp, D Ruderman. Dynamics of Metabolism and Decision Making During Alcohol Consumption. IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, Vol 47, Issue 11, pp 3955-3966, 2017.


·       LF Giraldo, KM Passino. Dynamics of Cooperation in a Task Completion Social Dilemma. PLoS ONE, e0170604, 2017.


·       LF Giraldo, KM Passino, JD Clapp. Modeling and Analysis of Group Dynamics in Alcohol-Consumption Environments. IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, Vol 47, Issue 1, pp 165 - 176, 2017.


·       LF Giraldo, KM Passino. Dynamic Task Performance, Cohesion, and Communications in Human Groups. IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, Vol 46, Issue 10, pp 2207 - 2219, 2016.


·       LF Giraldo, F Lozano, N Quijano. Foraging Theory for Dimensionality Reduction of Clustered DataMachine Learning, Vol. 82, Issue 1, pp 71 - 90.  2011.


·       LF Giraldo, E Delgado, JC Riaño, G Castellanos. Selección de características usando modelo híbrido basado en algoritmos genéticosRevista Ingeniería e Investigación. Vol. 26, Issue 3, pp 113 -119. 2006. 


·       LF Giraldo, E Delgado, G Castellanos. Cinemática Inversa de un Brazo Robot utilizando Algoritmos GenéticosRevista Avances en Sistemas e Informática. Vol. 3, Issue 1, pp 29 - 34, 2006.



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