Group of Intelligent Analysis of Signals and Dynamical Systems




Research directions                                                                      





This group is part of the research group GIAP, at the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia.


Contact: Luis Felipe Giraldo Trujillo, lf.giraldo404 [at] uniandes [dot] edu [dot] co .




Research directions


We are focused on the following interdisciplinary research directions:


Large-scale intelligent processing of signals

Based on concepts in multivariate statistical analysis and optimization, we develop pattern recognition techniques to process and analyze a large amount of information that lead to “intelligent” decision making. Ongoing applications include predictions in health and security, humanitarian demining, analysis of electricity consumption, and 3D reconstruction in computer vision.


Design and analysis of interconnected dynamical systems

There are many complex processes whose behavior can be modeled and analyzed as the result of the interaction of simpler dynamical systems. We develop mathematical and computational tools that allow for a better understanding and control of such processes. Ongoing applications include design and active control systems in civil engineering, trajectory design in cooperative autonomous vehicles, cybersecurity in distributed systems, and design of sparse controllers.


Technology and society

In engineering, we have a toolbox with theoretical and practical elements that can help address social problems. Ongoing projects include the design of cooperation strategies in poor communities based on optimal control, modeling and analysis of behaviors in high-risk alcohol consumption, and modeling social dilemmas and mechanisms that promote social responsibility.





Luis Felipe Giraldo Trujillo

Assistant Professor

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Universidad de los Andes, Colombia


Email: lf.giraldo404 at uniandes dot edu dot co





Álvaro Javier Florez

Catalina Albornoz

Gabriel Esteban Narvaez

Sebastián Celis

Juan Camilo López

Samir Char

Francisco Rozo

Carlos Campo

Juan Sebastián Ballesteros

Franklin Whaite





Nicanor Quijano (Automatic Control, Uniandes)

Santiago Jimenez (Automatic Control, Uniandes)

Roberto Bustamante (Communications and Electomagetics, Uniandes)

Juan Carlos Reyes (Structural Engineering, Uniandes)

Julio Eduardo Cruz (Social Psychology, Uniandes)


Jairo A Giraldo (Cybersecurity, University of Texas at Dallas, EU)

Kevin M Passino (Electrical Engineering, The Ohio State University, EU)

John D Clapp (Social Work, University of Southern California, EU)

Alain Vande Wouwer (Automatic Control, Université de Mons, Bélgica)






·      IELE 4010 Stochastic Processes. [syllabus]


·      IELE 4017 Intelligent Analysis of Signals and Systems. [syllabus]


·      IELE 3006 Introduction to Optimization. [syllabus]


·      IELE 1500 Signals and Systems.






(Papers freely available at Researchgate)


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