XXII Coloquio Latinoamericano de Álgebra

Computational Algebra and Applications of Algebra

August 7-8, 2017

Speaker Affiliation Country Talk title / Abstract
Diego Armentano Universidad de la República Uruguay On the condition number of some algebraic problems [pdf]
Mario Kummer Max Planck Institute Germany Eigenvalues of Symmetric Matrices over Integral Domains [pdf]
Isabel Herrero Universidad de Buenos Aires Argentina Tropical Severi varieties of univariate polynomials [pdf]
Carlos D'Andrea Universitat de Barcelona Spain Solving the Rational Hermite Interpolation Problem [pdf]
Timo de Wolff Texas A&M / TU Berlin USA / Germany A New Approach to Nonnegativity and Polynomial Optimization [pdf]
Vladimir Dotsenko CINVESTAV and Trinity College Dublin Mexico / Ireland Computational commutative algebra and operad theory [pdf]
Daniel Perrucci Universidad de Buenos Aires Argentina Elementary recursive degree bounds for Positivstellensatz and Hilbert's 17th [pdf]
Diego Cifuentes MIT USA Graphical Structure in Polynomial Systems: Chordal Networks [pdf]
Jose Oswaldo Lezama Universidad Nacional Colombia A computational proof of the Quillen-Suslin Theorem for ORE extensions [pdf]
Camilo Sanabria Universidad de los Andes Colombia Schwarz maps of algebraic linear ordinary differential equations [pdf]
Luis García Sam Houston State University USA Groebner Bases of Neural Ideals [pdf]
Paul Bressler Universidad de los Andes Colombia Intersection homology for Polytopes [pdf]
Yolanda Cabrera Universidad de Málaga Espana Evolution algebras of arbitrary dimension [pdf]
Gabriela Jerónimo (**) Universidad de Buenos Aires Argentina On the multiplicity of isolated roots of sparse polynomial systems. [pdf]
Mauricio Velasco (**) Universidad de los Andes Colombia Sums of squares on finite homogeneous spaces [pdf]
(**) Session organizers.